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Extracting Wisdom Teeth in Williamstown, NJ

Very few people get by without having their wisdom teeth extracted. Most of the time, these teeth are simply too large to fit comfortably in anyone’s mouth. There was a time when these teeth served a very important purpose—but you have to go back quite a few years to when prehistoric man needed to chew raw plants and tough meats. Since then, our eating habits have dramatically changed and wisdom teeth became obsolete. As a consequence, extracting wisdom teeth is practically routine. However, just because something is routine doesn’t mean that it’s not serious. Dr. Kassem has the training and experience to extract wisdom tooth in Williamstown, NJ, so you can feel completely confident placing your smile in his hands.

Wisdom Teeth and Your Smile

In addition to simply being too large, wisdom teeth are typically positioned at an incorrect angle. As a result, they can put pressure on adjacent teeth that may not only be painful but may also threaten the proper alignment of teeth. For this reason, orthodontists often recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth removed at the conclusion of treatment.

Wisdom teeth are also more difficult to keep clean because they are located so far back in the mouth. For this reason, the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease increases, making extraction all the more advisable.

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

The entire process of extracting wisdom teeth usually takes Williamstown dentist Dr. Kassem about one hour whether the teeth are impacted in the gum or have erupted. Depending on the size and position of the tooth, Dr. Kassem may need to section the tooth and remove the tooth section by section.

Care After Oral Surgery

You can expect some discomfort after your wisdom teeth have been removed. Swelling is likely, too, and usually peaks three or four days after surgery. To reduce facial swelling, you can use an ice pack for 20-minute intervals. And be sure to stick to the schedule Dr. Kassem recommends for pain medication.

Rest and relaxation for the first few days post-op are best. Do not lift anything heavy and don’t participate in rigorous exercise. Nutrition is important to the healing process. A diet of soft foods is recommended. Staying well hydrated is important, too. However, you should not use a straw; the sucking action can cause blood clots in the surgery sites to dislodge.

Finally, follow Dr. Kassem’s instructions for proper oral hygiene during healing from wisdom teeth extraction. A couple of days after surgery you can gently brush your teeth, avoiding the surgery sites. Irrigate the sockets in order to remove trapped particles of food.

Contact our Williamstown, NJ location today if you have any questions about wisdom teeth extraction, or if you’re ready to schedule a visit with Dr. Kassem.